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The Categories of water, as defined by this document, refer to the range of contamination in water considering both its originating source and its quality after it contacts materials present on the job site. Time and temperature can affect or retard the amplification of contaminants, thereby affecting its category

The term “class of water ingress or intrusion” is a classification of the estimated evaporation load and is used when calculating the initial humidity control (e.g. dehumidification, ventilation)

Water Damage Inspection

Initial Inspection;
Upon entering a building, for water damage inspection, professional moisture detection equipment should be used to evaluate and document the psychometric conditions inside and outside the building, and the moisture content or levels of materials in affected and unaffected areas. McArdles will inspect and document the source and time of the water intrusion and visible material deterioration, pre-existing damages and visible mould growth.

Ongoing Inspections;
McArdles will record, calculate and document moisture measurements required to adequately monitor the drying process. McArdles will record and monitor the relevant moisture measurements daily; preferably the same time of the day, until drying goals are achieved. When benchmarks are not being met towards an acceptable drying goal, McArdles will further investigate to identify the cause and take corrective action.

When assessing the underlying cause, consideration must be given to the two main sources of moisture in a building, which are:

  1. Moisture created within envelope (such as condensation, HVAC settings, low dew point temperatures, poor insulation, un-flued gas heaters, humidifiers, etc).
  2. Ingress from outside building envelope (including flooding, broken pipes, overflowing gutters, showers, dishwasher, fridge ice makers, garden sprinklers, etc).

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