Home floods and water leaks can create the perfect environment for mould growth, especially in porous materials like carpets. To prevent mould from spreading and causing further damage, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Here are six steps to help you stay mould-free:

Use a wet/dry vacuum to eliminate as much water as possible. This tool is highly effective for the job and can be rented from water and smoke damage restoration companies that specialize in flood damage.

Fans not only aid in drying out wet areas but also circulate fresh air. It may take several days for a fan to completely dry a space, so keep the fan running for an additional week to ensure thorough drying. High-power fans can be rented from home improvement stores with tool rental services.

Dehumidifiers are excellent at reducing excess moisture, creating a cooler environment, and limiting mould and mildew growth. Place one in the affected room to help dry out the air.

It’s important to steam clean your carpets for both sanitation and deodorization purposes. If the carpet padding is waterlogged, it will need to be replaced. However, this is still a more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire carpet.

Any areas that have come into contact with floodwater should be sanitized. Clean your walls, hard floors, and other household surfaces with soap and water, and use a diluted bleach solution to thoroughly sanitize them.

Remove furniture from areas with signs of water damage, lifting up carpets and rugs to check for any hidden moisture. If furniture has become soaked and dirty, a restoration company may still be able to salvage it.

Tile and stone flooring adds beauty and value to your home. As one of the most used items, your tile flooring may get neglected and start to look dull. Many homeowners in Orange & Bathurst prefer tile flooring because it adds styles and it is durable. Although regular cleaning and sanitising help maintain the cleanliness of tiles, this may not be enough to prolong its life.

When you want to make your tile or natural stone flooring last longer, you must invest in tile sealing it on a regular basis. This way your tile floor becomes clean and healthy for your family in the long run. Grout sealant is needed to make it happen. Grout is made of sand and this is used to fill up holes. It must be sealed properly because it is very porous in nature and it can be a perfect surface for bacteria, fungus, mould, and dirt to thrive.

Tile sealing is very important. Tile flooring, particularly in high traffic areas, will be ruined if left untreated. Sealing must be done after your tile is laid if you want to make your flooring stay clean or its colour not fading. This will protect your tiles from stain, spill, and other substances and lessen damage when exposed to high traffic. A sealer can save you thousands in repair and replacement and improve your tile flooring.

Whether you have a beautiful natural stone flooring in your shower or countertops and you want to preserve it for long as possible, you need to provide extra protection with the use of sealant. Sealing a dirty grout should not be done because stains can develop, which will be impossible to remove later. Sealing or resealing grout must be done once a year for high traffic areas and after it has been deep cleaned. Tile flooring with less traffic can be resealed once every four or five years.

Natural stone tiles in your home, in particular, needs sealing. This is extremely important and is needed from new. McArdles Cleaning Services can help with natural stone sealing and grout cleaning. We can maintain the cleanliness of natural stone tile and keep it a beautiful asset for your home.

Tile and natural stone flooring is an investment. Make sure you protect this investment by having your tile floor get what it deserves – professional deep cleaning. This will lengthen its lifespan and make it clean and healthy for your family.

McArdles Cleaning Services can do the backbreaking work of making it clean and sealing it properly afterwards. We use the latest cleaning technology and safe sealants when we seal your tiles and grout and in sealing natural stone tiles. With our professional tile and grout cleaners, your tile gets a brand new look and feel!

By following these steps promptly, you can effectively address water damage and minimize the risk of mould growth. Remember that mould can cause health issues, so it’s crucial to take preventive measures and seek professional help if necessary.

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