When is a building considered dry?

A building is considered to be dry when the moisture content of its components and water-absorbing contents reaches an equilibrium within a normal indoor relative humidity and room temperature environment. This means that the moisture content is sufficiently low to prevent active growth of fungal spores and any further moisture-related damage to the property or its contents.

It is important to note that the determination of when a building is considered dry may vary depending on factors such as the previous condition of the structure, the judgment of a loss adjuster, insurer, or competent professional, and the acceptable recovery level in question.


The cleaning process involves locating, identifying, containing, removing, and properly disposing of unwanted substances from an environment or material. A space or surface is considered ‘clean’ when contaminants, pollutants, and undesired substances have been successfully removed, reducing damage or harm to human health or materials.


Odors can be an indication of potential risks to human health, and their source should be addressed whenever possible. Attempting to mask or cover up bad odors with fragrances is not considered acceptable

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